The Rubenstein family is Steven (dad), Halsey (10-year old daughter in 5th grade) and Kinsey (7-year old son in 1st grade). Steven first co-chaired Exploring Science Night at Halsey's then-elementary in 2016. He is chairing the event at both kids' schools this year (2017-2018).

No, Steven is not a PhD or even a scientist. He is an entrepreneur who can code (and who ran for Governor in 2016, but that's a different story). More importantly, the kids love science. A lot. They go to science camps over the summer (Pacific Science Center and Museum of Flight) and even chose to go to Kennedy Space Center instead of DisneyWorld.

We quickly realized it takes a lot of money and time to put on a good event that gets kids excited about science. It requires many different activities and the time to organize everything. So we set out to make it easy for anyone to host their own Exploring Science Night event. Not every school has the budget or someone willing to put in the effort.

So we started out by buying a bunch of stuff that my kids wanted to try out anyway and then had fun building things, like the catapult and trebuchet built by then-6 year old Kinsey. We bought a laser for a science fair project. Plus my kids donated some of their own science toys to the kit, like a microscope and slides, Mentos geyser kit, Snap Circuits, and more.

Our goal is to make it cheap and easy for elementary schools around Seattle to put on an Exploring Science Night.

Borrowing this kit is free. Just contact Steven to request it. Some of the activities are all in the kit, but a few require materials that need to be purchased.

We hope everyone enjoys the kit and the activities included in it!

PS - Donations: We are not currently accepting cash donations. But you are welcome to purchase items to add to the kit.