We split the activities into various categories. For each activity, we list the items that our included in the kit and any that you must provide for the event.

You are welcome to borrow any or all activities, but some categories are stored in the same containers.

Catapult & Trebuchet

Test your aim with a medieval catapult and trebuchet. Learn how to aim to hit your target, how heavier counterweights increase distance with the trebuchet and how the trebuchet can launch straight or with an arc.

In The Kit   You Provide
Paper Target
2 trebuchet balls
2 small bean bags (red and green)
5 practice golf balls
23 yellow foam balls
200 pennies (trebuchet counterweight)
Double wood board for mounting catapult (for stability)

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Mentos Geyser

Drop Mentos into soda bottles and watch the soda shoot up like a geyser! Why does this happen? And which sodas created a more powerful reaction.

Spoiler alert: aspartame is better than sugar and the more carbonation, the better. Seltzer Water produced the strongest reaction, literally hitting the gym ceiling! And cold soda slows the reaction and produces a much smaller geyser.

This costs money for the Mentos and soda, maybe $40 depending how much soda you buy. We buy the Mentos at Costco and generic soda at the food store.

In The Kit   You Provide
Screw-on cap to drop Mentos into soda bottle
4 different heads to produce different geyser types
Plate to put soda bottle in, to catch some falling soda
Huge tarp to protect your floor!
Soda Bottles (regular, diet, & seltzer water)
Tape for securing tarp to floor
Disposable tablecloths (or just put on floor)
Mop/Towels to clean up soda!

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Laser Waterfall

Watch as the laser light (not so) magically follows the water down a waterfall. Works with water and other liquids, but darker liquids block the laser entirely, such as milk, orange juice and dark sodas.

In The Kit   You Provide
Laser with stand & adapter
Extension cord
Wrapped waterproof board
2 Soda bottles with a hole and cork
2 Containers (used to store the items)
Other liquids (optional)
Table cloth
Towel or rag

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Viking Ship

How did the Vikings manage to avoid tipping over in stormy seas? The secret was large torches in their boat that they would light in a storm. The torches heat up the air above the boat, which reduces the force of the air pushing down on the boat. This made it easier for the boat to rise with the waves instead of being toppled over.

Add water and food coloring to a plastic container. Just put matches in your cork ship. Light the matches and place the cup on top of the ship. Watch as the water rushes into the cup and the ship rises!

In The Kit   You Provide
Clear container w/lid
Four half-cork viking ships
Two clear plastic cups
Two double magnets (lifts cup off ocean floor)
Blue cup (for used matches)

Food coloring

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Paper Airplanes

Determine which type of paper airplanes flies furthest, which is best for stunts, which is easiest to throw, etc. Does heavier paper work better? Does the plane fly further if taped together?

We stole plane templates from They are separated into 3 categories based on how difficult they are to build.

In The Kit   You Provide
Airplane templates
Instructions for each plane

Copies of airplane templates
Tape (optional)

Easy: Arrow - Easy
Classic Dart - Easy
Classic Dart
Condor - Easy
Delta - Easy
Medium: Canard - Medium
Raptor - Medium
Space - Medium
Hard: Bulldog - Hard
Bullet - Hard
Interceptor - Hard

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Create steam from water without heat! Build a volcano with simple baking soda and vinegar. Build a hand warmer and watch as a blue liquid turns to yellow from simply blowing into it, and then back to blue by shaking!

All chemicals can be bought at Costco/grocery store or online at Amazon. And the fogger is formally called an ultrasonic atomizer. (They are used in humidifiers.)

In The Kit   You Provide
Test tubes with caps
Test tube rack
Child-size goggles (8)
Adult-size goggles (1)
2 glass jars
Containers with lids
Baking soda
Calcium Chloride
Bromothymol Blue

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Disclaimer: We bought the Hydro Rocket at Kennedy Space Center in Florida. It uses air pressure to launch a water-propelled rocket. But we recommend against using it inside because water spills along its trajectory. More importantly, if not careful when aiming, the rocket can easily hit someone!

In The Kit   You Provide
Plasma Ball
Hand Boiler
Newton's Cradle
Hydro Rocket
Boomerang Wheel
Energy Stick
Extension cord
Snap Circuits Green
Snap Circuits Jr
CD Hovercraft
AA batteries
(for snap circuits)

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In The Kit   You Provide
Maglev Train
The Levitator
Magnetic Hourglass
Zero Gravity Fridge Rover
Magnetic board

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Create a rainbow. Witness an optical illusion of a floating frog (or any object) using parabolic mirrors. And see in the dark!

In The Kit   You Provide
3D Mirascope
2 Prisms
2 Night Vision Goggles
Brown paper bags
Non-LED flashlights
(cell phones work!)
Watch batteries (for goggles)

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Take apart — and hopefully put back together & laptops, desktop computers, keyboards and even a Roomba!

In The Kit   You Provide
4 laptops
4 desktops
4 keyboards
Cups for screws
Gloves (optional)

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